Cuma, Ekim 19, 2012

Bu sefer de şarkı Türkçe, yazı İngilizce olsun, ne çıkar?

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There are facts sweety, facts that you can't change, facts that kill you constantly every single second of every single day you wake up to.

No matter how hard you try, you end up with consequences of those facts. It always remains the same whether you work your ass off or you just leave it be.

You even can't find the correct words that can wrap up the waterfalls inside.

You end up alone, thinking hard enough to wipe off each and every single vein in the body. You may wish to rip your skin off, you just can't. All you can do is to wait. Cuz you don't even want to move an inch.

You've always known that it was hard, you just can't bear it anymore. You're still expecting it to turn into something nice - only you don't know it's not ever gonna happen, dear.

You're still expecting that it's all mutual, but it's not, obviously. Yet you can't give up on your hopes. They're everything that can keep you go on.

Misery has been a part of your life, only you don't know yet. You live the life of a 40 yrs old man. Even those "old" guys know how to handle such obstacles and they most certainly know how to enjoy it all.

All tied up, all lost, all abandoned, all fucked up, ruins everywhere, you can't find your way out even though you try pretty hard.

You know for sure that you're not running after fancy things. You'd like to keep it simple, naive, and steady. You're after peace and silence. You're after confidence and trust.

It takes a lifetime to find that right one, they say. They say that you have to stick strong to the next best person. Yet, enough is not enough.

Witnessing happiness right before your eyes is painful since you're not a link in that chain.

Final wishlist:
Call, if you miss
Invite, if you want to meet
Explain, if you wish to be clear
Ask, if you've got something on your mind
Be honest, if you didn't like
Say it, if you fancy
Ask, if you want
Say, if you love

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Yayık Ayranı dedi ki...

What else could have been said? There are facts, that's for sure. And no matter how hard you try to ignore and bury them deep inside, they'll come out. They are just waiting for a song, for a smell or even the smallest thing.

For the last couple of months, I was really busy with pretending to be happy. But the fact that I'm alone is getting heavier every second, every minute, every day. I don't know how much I can handle it. But you know what, maybe it's better to be alone rather than being in a shitty relationship.

Günlük Ayracı dedi ki...

@Yayık Ayranı: Being alone is another thing that hurts as hell. The problem with me is that there are two main facts which could probably turn my life into a nightmare:
1) I like the guy, to death and back, I like him.
2) I am so full of love and I need to feed "that someone" with it.
--End of story--

Yayık Ayranı dedi ki...

"Someone" is the guys at the office? The guy whose car you didn't get on 'cuz of your colleagues?

You're right. Sometimes you feel full of love but you don't have "someone". But when you don't feel anything, you have everyone. What a dilemma!

I always wish the best for you 'cuz you were one of the first bloggers I started to read (I used to read ypur blogs even when I wasn't a blogger). I hope with my whole heart that everything will be fabulous for you.

Günlük Ayracı dedi ki...

@Yayık Ayranı: Actually, that someone is the guy I met last week, the one who never gives me a call unless I try, the one I gave up calling.

I don't want everything, really. I just want one thing and that's well known by almost everyone around.

Kırsalda Tıp Okuyan Gay dedi ki...

love misery <3 defines me...